Catching a Moment

Photography: Tara McKelvey

Sound: Ryan Woods

The piece is best experienced with headphones.

Catching a Moment explores the sites and sounds of Manchester during the Covid-19 Crisis in April 2020. We hoped to highlight the changes seen in these uncertain times. We set out on a series of walks in different parts of Manchester. We recorded these excursions through photographs and sound recordings and collated them into audio-visual compositions. It was a privilege to see the changed streets. We were able to appreciate certain aspects that we hadn't noticed before. Both eerie and calm. It was impossible to escape the reminders of the covid crisis; children shut up at home, shop shutters down and masked strangers. At the same time a slow reassuring friendliness; conversations with strangers, noticing the details in buildings and brickery, and hearing the birds. There were also anxieties had in balancing representation with aesthetic.

~We dedicate this artwork to all those working on the front lines~